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About Us

What's In a Name?

We have received lots of questions about our name: Farpointe Wealth Partners.

The technical definition of "far point" is the most distant point at which an object can be seen clearly by the naked eye. Put another way, beyond the far point you cannot see clearly and lose focus. We borrowed that concept and apply it in running our own business and in the practice management framework we provide to our Farpointe community of advisors.

If an organization focuses too heavily on short-term results, then it will undershoot and not achieve its full potential. This phenomenon is frequently observed in undisciplined public companies that operate primarily to meet their next quarterly earnings report. That is not a recipe for sound decision-making. 

On the other hand, if you aim beyond your far point then you will lose the clarity of vision needed for short-term and long-term success. This tendency exists among companies that focus on an end result – such as a merger or sale – rather than attending to the immediate needs of the business, its team members and clients. This also leads to flawed decisions.

The far point, therefore, is the perfect focal point for strategy and execution.

Who is Farpointe Wealth Partners?

Farpointe Wealth Partners is an independently owned limited liability company operating as a Region (OSJ) of Cetera Financial Specialists LLC. As independent business owners, we are completely aligned with our affiliated advisors. The metrics by which we measure our success are the same metrics we recommend that advisors use within their own business – we only grow when you grow. 

Advisors who are seeking an aligned independent business partner and a connection with like-minded professionals will find Farpointe a highly attractive ally for the future. Farpointe provides a superior experience and the resources to create growth and drive enhanced value for you, your clients and your team. We are reinventing the financial advice profession in partnership with a select group of advisors who value trust, collaboration and meaningful relationships galvanized by a shared culture. 

Farpointe provides this unique experience in collaboration with Cetera Financial Specialists.  Cetera delivers a best-in-class and intuitive platform of tools and access to a dedicated team of professionals who are empowered to deliver the Red-Carpet service experience model.


Advocacy – We respect your independence, but it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Like you we are independent business owners, and we can make it easier to do business by removing operational challenges and barriers to growth.

Experience – With decades of industry experience, we can work with you to identify and execute on best practices for practice management and technology, and take advantage of unique opportunities such as mergers and acquisitions. 

Advice – Driven by a deep understanding of your business and your vision, we use cutting-edge technology and valuation tools to provide a framework for running a superior business and increasing long-term value for you as the business owner.

Culture – Our most unique element is our connected family of advisors. Our advisors are represented on our Board of Directors, and are instrumental in deciding what adds value and how Farpointe will evolve over time.  We believe that culture is an essential element not only to the success of your business but also to your happiness.