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Do You Want to Do More than Just Survive Tax Season?

Do You Want to Do More than Just Survive Tax Season?

April 21, 2022

For most of our friends tax season is game of survival. Now that the filing deadline has passed and the dust has settled, it is an opportune time to think about paving a better path for your business. Can you imagine a future where tax season does not feel like a trauma room at the ER?

The intersection of tax and wealth planning is a powerful business model proven to drive enhanced growth for Advisors and superior outcomes for clients. However, as we noted in a recent article, most Advisors fail to incorporate sophisticated tax planning (as opposed to tax preparation) into their wealth management practice. Others try to but hit a capacity plateau in their ability to deliver an exceptional client experience because they lack the time, subject-matter expertise and know-how to offer these services at scale.

With close to 100 years’ combined experience partnering with Financial Advisors, CPAs and tax professionals, the Farpointe team empowers Advisors to scale their practice to deliver integrated tax and wealth planning. Our proprietary approach creates capacity, improves client acquisition and retention, and increases revenue.

Who should contact Farpointe?

  • Advisors interested in growing their practice by joining the premiere Advisor community at the leading edge of the intersection of tax and wealth planning.

  • Advisors who want to learn more about our proprietary approach that can help you use tax season to grow your business without the trauma.

  • Advisors who feel like a number at their current firm and simply want better personalized support creating and executing a strategic plan to grow their practice.

Farpointe is currently filling out our fall transitions calendar. If you want to explore how we can partner with you to pave a better path for your business and clients, we invite you to reach out today for a consultation: | (972) 616-4595.