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The Farpointe Journey

Three Steps to Mobilize, Harmonize and Elevate Your Practice 

Farpointe's proprietary three-pronged approach empowers you to pursue balanced, long-term growth and measure the health of your business over time. Using our combined forces with Cetera's resources, your plan is tailored specifically to your firm's mission, focusing on where you are now while guiding you to your eventual goals. 

The Farpointe process builds your foundation, develops the path, and focuses on your expansion through the following steps. 

Step 1: Mobilize

Prepare for Action and Progress

Prepare for Action and Progress

Whatever you want to accomplish for your business we have a path for you, and it begins with self-assessment. Before we advise, we spend time with you and your team. And we listen.

We take the time to understand your unique approach to serving clients. We organize the resources you need to prepare for action, establish a baseline to assess the health of your practice in key areas, and work to refine your vision. Then we identify key opportunities for growth and enhanced efficiency.

Step 2: Harmonize

Coordinate Experiences 

Coordinate Experiences 

After we mobilize your practice, we harmonize your approach with your client, team and operational experience. Equipped with an understanding of your unique goals we provide perspectives, insights, and recommendations to help you on your journey. Whether you need to enhance your team, tools, confidence or the overall client experience, we design and deliver a tailored plan for establishing and running a world-class practice.

Leveraging proprietary Capacity Planning and Client Segmentation tools that are only available to Farpointe advisors, we establish prioritized goals, a detailed action plan, and metrics to drive accountability and measure your progress over time. The result is an actionable plan tailored to your business and designed to empower you and accelerate progress toward your desired goals.

Step 3: Elevate

Activate Your Strategic Plan

Activate Your Strategic Plan

Now it’s time to elevate your practice by putting your personal plan into action. We’re there to coach you through every step as you implement the strategic plan we developed together. 

An important part of this process is accountability. Using performance metrics to measure your practice's health, growth and progress, we gain and share insights as to what is working well and what can be improved. We also ensure that your practice has a “business resiliency” plan to ensure that what you have worked so hard to build is preserved if you have a planned – or unexpected – absence.

Our shared goal is for you to have an elegant, well-run practice that is optimized and scaled for future growth. 

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