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Farpointe 2021 Year in Review

Farpointe 2021 Year in Review

January 05, 2022

We started Farpointe with a simple premise – to work with people we like and trust and make a materially positive impact on their businesses and lives. Our vision for Farpointe is to create a collaborative community with our advisors actively engaged in what we are building together.

While starting a business is never easy, during our first full year of operation we had more than our fair share of fun and reached several significant milestones, including transferring over $1 billion in assets onto the platform!

Before we dive headlong into 2022, we wanted to look back at a few of Farpointe’s highlights from last year:

  • Our business is first and foremost about people. We don’t just say it we live it every day in how we engage with our advisors. Without a doubt, the single most important achievement for our business in 2021 was that 11 fantastic practices joined the rapidly growing Farpointe Family to pave a better path for their business and their clients.
  • Farpointe invested heavily to build a proprietary process to make transitions as smooth as possible for advisors who join our community. As one of our advisors commented, “I can’t imagine ever doing a transition without Farpointe to help us.” Thanks to our proprietary process and our advisors’ hard work we transitioned over $1 billion in assets onto the platform between February and December.
  • While some pay lip service to providing advisors a voice, we ensured that it happens in a formal and meaningful way by earmarking a designated seat for advisors on our Board of Directors. Nolan Schexnayder of Schexnayder Wealth Advisors serves that role to give our advisors real involvement in creating and executing on Farpointe’s strategic roadmap.
  • Another important way to have our advisors aligned and invested in our future is to have them literally invested in our business. To that end, we created an equity plan that gives our founding advisors a tangible and meaningful stake in the future of our business and each other’s success.
  • In April, Farpointe moved into its new offices in Southlake, Texas.
  • Demonstrating that Farpointe can attract the industry’s top talent, in April we hired Casey Griffin and Stephanie Schuller, two fantastic executives with decades of relevant experience and unparalleled passion for serving advisors.
  • We developed and deployed The Farpointe Experience – a proprietary practice management framework offered exclusively to our affiliated advisors. The Farpointe Experience is a disciplined approach that:

(1) optimizes advisors’ practices using new tools and technology available through Cetera;

(2) values and assesses their practice to create capacity and identify untapped growth opportunities;

(3) implements a written continuity and succession plan; and

(4) creates a strategic roadmap systemic ongoing accountability and metrics to measure the health of their business over time.

  • In November, we held our inaugural Farpointe Forward conference at Hotel Emma in San Antonio with 100% of our affiliated offices participating. We had lots of fun and fellowship, and a full agenda with great content and active participation that included valuable input from our advisors on the challenges and opportunities we’ll face together in 2022.

We are very grateful for the multitude of support, prayers and good wishes we have received, and thanks to our all our friends and family 2021 was an incredible year for Farpointe. We’re looking forward to continued energy and excitement in the year ahead, and helping even more advisors find their Farpointe!