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Happy Independence Day From Farpointe

July 02, 2021

As we head into the July 4th weekend, the Farpointe team wants to thank our growing Farpointe family and all of our friends for your fellowship and support. It has been an eventful and exciting (and often humbling) few months since we started this venture, and the fun is only just beginning.

We also want to pause to appreciate how fortunate we all are to live in a Country that gives us the freedom to pursue our dreams. The Declaration of Independence is a remarkable document that sets out ideals the founders knew they were not living up to, and believed based on human nature would be challenging if not impossible to achieve. Thankfully, the impossibility of the task and the threat of personal jeopardy did not dissuade them. They shot a flare up into the dark sky of monarchy and despotism, a beacon that burns to this day. The values the Declaration embraces are ones we will never fully perfect, but those ideals are still worth chasing.  And while America is far from perfect, it was and is the best attempt to create a system of government that respects liberty, free will and human dignity, which is why America remains the brightest beacon for freedom-loving people around the world.

We are all blessed to be Americans.  Happy Independence Day!