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Welcome Schexnayder Financial - Lesson for a Lifetime

February 17, 2021

So many valuable lessons learned over the past 20+ years in this profession.  Among these: 

1)  It's more important to have the right questions than it is to have a ready answer 

2)  Left unchecked, investor behavior can be more impactful to real life returns than asset allocation 

3)  Be a lifetime learner 

4)  Share ideas and challenges with others to gain from their experience and insights 

While these lessons have been valuable, my favorite lesson learned comes from Nolan Schexnayder, founder of Schexnayder Wealth Advisors near New Orleans.  Over a recent lunch, I asked Nolan for his philosophy and approach to deepening relationships with clients over time.  Nolan started his business providing accounting and tax services, and later added financial planning.  Over time, his offering to clients has evolved to creating plans and providing fee based advisory service, all the while broadening the topics his advice covered. But as he's evolved he has found that his client relationships have become true friendships.  I believe when this profession is done the right way, lifetime friendships are the result.  As Nolan and his team have provided counsel to families and businesses for more than 30 years, it just makes sense that the lines blur from client to friend over time.  

I believe the evolution of client relationships into friendships is a worthy goal in this profession. It is our "why" at Farpointe Wealth Partners.  We are a culture-first business, and our uniqueness is centered on the goal of aligning ourselves with great businesses like Schexnayder Wealth Advisors.   

We welcome Nolan and his team!