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About the Farpointe Team

Culture, Connection, Community

The Farpointe team offers nearly 100 years of combined experience in the financial advice profession; our people offer a unique blend of business acumen and legal expertise, with a proven track record of building enterprises and successfully guiding them through transformative change. 

We're delighted to work with you as advocates, consultants, friends, and partners. 

Scott Rawlins

Scott Rawlins

CEO and Wealth Management Advisor

Brian Stern

Brian Stern

President and Wealth Management Advisor

Casey Griffin

Casey Griffin

Chief Operating Officer and Wealth Management Advisor

Stephanie Schuller

Stephanie Schuller

EVP - Advisor Experience & Strategy and Wealth Management Advisor

The Farpointe Difference

Culture-First Framework Emphasis

We believe that culture is an essential element to the success of your business and your personal happiness. 

As such, a main focus of Farpointe's culture-first philosophy is identifying entrepreneurs who can benefit from our value proposition, and who will add to our network's collective strength. Our advisor-based board has a voice and direction in the strategy of our growth, too. 

If you want a connection with like-minded individuals, Farpointe can be an attractive ally for your future growth. 

Community Connections Focus

Another important aspect supported by Farpointe is connections created with, and among, our advisors. 

While we deeply respect the independence and initiatives of our entrepreneurs and advisors, we also believe in fostering a close-knit community; one in which advisors lean on, and learn from, one another, gaining day-to-day insights that lead to organizational health and growth. 

As a member of the Farpointe family, you can grow from collaboration with our close-knit, professional group. 

Our Core Values

Managed Growth 

Our managed growth mindset gives you tailored support so you can scale up or optimize your practice how you’d like according to your individual goals. 


We ensure alignment with advisors in our compensation structure and give them a voice in the strategic direction of the company.   


Hand-in-hand with alignment, we’re judicious in our assessment of who would benefit from our value proposition and could add to the collective strengths of our network.


We’re committed to fostering a close-knit community who can lean on one another and learn practical, day-to-day insights for organizational health. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

Tailored Solutions

Farpointe's suite of services helps grow and scale your business. Our proprietary solutions provide assistance, whether your need is a human capital strategy, practice management information, or succession planning. 

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Customized Approach

We're independent advisors who understand other independent advisors. As such, we listen and assess before making suggestions and formulating strategy to meet your unique goals and requirements. 

Our Approach

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We're looking for like-minded, success-driven entrepreneurs who want to learn more about how to scale and grow their businesses. If this sounds like you, get in touch with us to schedule your no-obligation appointment. 

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